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Be the Parent

Your Child Needs

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Happy family  at home
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Family at home

Raising children is hard work.

For many parents and caregivers it is the hardest job we do in our lifetimes. We all want to create a peaceful, loving, and happy home. But for so many of us it is a constant struggle to know how to do it. You are not a bad parent, you just need help and support.

Building the kind of home and being the parent we want to be requires a toolbox of skills and practice. The good news is Planting Rainbows can help AND our children give us lots of opportunities to keep trying!

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Children do not come with instructions,

neither does parenting.

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Parents are doing the best they can AND

they long to do better.

Planting Rainbows was created as a safe, judgment-free space to engage and empower parents and caregivers to create the kind of relationships they have always dreamed of having with their children. At Planting Rainbows we celebrate the joys of parenting, we create strategies for the challenges of parenting, and we honor where you are on this journey in everything we do.

Parent coaching allows parents and caregivers to be supported through the learning and practice of becoming the Peaceful and Intentional Parents they long to be, hope to be, and can be.

No matter where you are on your

parenting journey,

there is time to expand

your relationship and connection

with your children.

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Parent Coaching Might Be For You If:

  • you are struggling to be the parent you want to be
  • you think your parenting is okay, but also wish it could be even better
  • you are desperate for help and want to stop yelling
  • you lay in bed at night counting all the ways you failed your kids today
  • you long for peace, calm, fun, and joy in your days
  • you want your family to thrive
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Dad playing with his baby daughter outdoor

Peaceful & Intentional Parenting is possible.

It is never too early,

it is never too late.

In this free 20 – 30 minute conversation you can share your parenting challenges, hopes, and goals and find out if parent coaching with Planting Rainbows is the right decision for you and your family. This is a safe, confidential, judgment-free space where you will be seen, heard, and believed.

If our services are not a match for you, we will do our best to share information on other support services that may be helpful for you and your situation.

Please complete this form to learn more about your free Discovery Call opportunity or book now. This may be the first step in the most important parenting decision you ever make. It was for Kristi and thousands of other parents and caregivers just like you.

Not sure?

Complete an

Interest Form First

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Reading Gives Information, Coaching Brings Transformation

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Kristi Reisch, MA, CCC-SLP is a mama of two, a licensed and experienced speech language pathologist and a graduate of Jai Institute’s Parent Coaching Certification Program. Kristi will work with you as your Parent Coach helping you create a toolbox of strategies that you can start implementing immediately after your first session. Kristi will be your guide, coach, and cheerleader as you discover how the way you were parented impacts your parenting today, as you learn how to regulate your nervous system to parent with your mind and heart, as you learn to communicate peacefully, and how to change your behaviors to create greater connection with your children.

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Learn More About Kristii

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Kristi will help you find the

peace, play, and possibility in your parenting.

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Planting Rainbows exists to support parents and caregivers

in their journey of growing connected relationships with their children.


Parenting is hard work AND we can parent peacefully, with equity, and with connection when we are supported and we know tools and strategies that work. Parents and caregivers are not broken and do not need to be fixed. The way we were raised impacts our parenting and can lead us to repeat generational trauma despite our best intentions. We know, within our hearts and minds, how we want to parent but are often told by society that we must parent another way in order to raise well behaved and kind children into adults. When we have the support to parent the way we know to be true within our hearts we can do so with joy.

We can read all the books, read all the blogs, watch all the videos, and still not be able to create the harmonious connected relationships our hearts desire. Working with a Parent Coach can be the missing piece to growing our relationships with our children.

With the support of a Parent Coach we can identify our real and deep triggers, develop personalized strategies for ourselves, and be guided through the work of becoming the peaceful communicator and parent we are meant to be for our children.

When we can, we invest in what we care about. Investing in our parenting is not always an easy (or accessible) financial choice. However, most of us have little to no training in parenting, how our brains and nervous systems impact our parenting, how our own childhood affects our parenting, or the steps we can take to build the long term relationships with our children that we long for. Investing in parenting education can be one of, if not the most important, parenting decision we make in our lives and can create lasting, lifelong, and generational changes.

We do better when we know better. We can make powerful choices to heal relationships with our children. We can parent from our hearts and minds and grow healthy, connected, loving, kind, joyful, and capable children.

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Planting Rainbows supports struggling parents and caregivers

to become the calm, peaceful, fun parent they want to be.


  1. We believe Children Share Equality with the Adults Who Care for Them.
  2. We believe Peaceful Parenting is Possible and Preferable.
  3. We believe Peaceful Parenting Creates Connected and Loving Families.
  4. We believe Boundaries and Limits are Possible within Peaceful Parenting.
  5. We believe in Neurodiverse Affirming and Strengths Based Strategies.
  6. We believe Parent Centric Strategies and Parent Behavior Changes are Essential to Happier and Healthier Children.
  7. We believe all modalities of communication are valid including but not limited to oral or mouth speech, AAC, and sign language.
  8. We believe Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ Rights are Human Rights, People with Uteruses Should have Autonomy Over their Bodies, the Unhoused Deserve Dignity and Housing, Incarcerated Humans Deserve Dignity and Second Chances, and Disabled Individuals Deserve Agency.
  9. We believe that ALL Caregivers and Parents are Worthy of Parent Coaching Regardless of Financial Ability and Use an Assigned Sliding Scale based on the Green Bottle Method.
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Kristi is Mama to two children, one tween and one teenager. Her oldest daughter is autistic and her youngest daughter has an ADHD brain. Neurodiverse affirming flexibility, routines, schedules, and plans are key parts of family life in her home. Kristi homeschools her children using individualized and family learning to meet each of her daughter’s learning styles and needs. She loves to do family karaoke, snuggle on the couch and chat about anything and everything, read aloud with her daughters, and partake in family silliness.

She graduated with her Masters Degree in Communication Disorders from California State University, Los Angeles in 2007 and her Parent coaching Certification from Jai Institute for Parenting in 2023. She has worked with families, adults, teens, children, and toddlers. Kristi loves helping families create the calm, peace, and joy they long for.

When Kristi became a mom she knew she wanted to raise her children in a gentle, safe, loving environment. Striving to do so was not and is not always easy and certainly is not done perfectly, but learning skills and strategies based on attachment science, nervous system science, and non violent communication has made all the difference in her home. Kristi firmly believes peaceful parenting can work for all families and that for each family where peaceful parenting is practiced (yes, it is a practice) the world becomes kinder, safer, and better for everyone.

Kristi lives in New York with her husband, children, and two sweet kittens who sometimes come to sessions. She is eager to help you create more harmony and joy in your family home. She is confident you can do this!

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Click on the sticky-notes below

to learn about the opportunities

you are invited to explore.

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Welcome to the


You are invited to visit the Planting Rainbows blog where your parent coach, Kristi, writes essays for all things parenting using a judgement-free lens to support all parents and caregivers in their journey wherever they are.

You are invited to comment on the blog with questions, your own parenting ideas, and ideas for new posts.

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Parents and caregivers who work with Kristi often express deep gratitude for the changes they see within themselves and their children. They also report making deep connections with their children in the practice of peaceful parenting and through their work with a parent coach.

Parents and caregivers who enroll in a course or 1:1 coaching are committed to working and practicing their parenting skills. Having the support and guidance of a parent coach helps the work feel attainable, full of hope and empathy, and restorative. Your parent coach can help you plant seeds so you can grow rainbows with your family.


How do I know if I need a parent coach?

You might benefit from a parent coach if:

  • You have tried everything and your kids still are not listening.
  • You don’t feel joy in parenting anymore or ever.
  • You yell more than you want to.
  • You feel like the moments with your children are filled with more conflict and chaos than peace and happiness.
  • You know the things you need to want to do to parent more peacefully and joyfully, but can’t quite figure out how to implement them consistently.
  • You want a deeper connection with your children.
  • You (and/or your parenting partners) don’t want to do this alone anymore and need an objective support system which can gently challenge you, help you grow from limited to expansive beliefs, and provide science backed strategies and practices in a safe and brave space.

Toddlers and early education

Isn’t peaceful parenting another way to say just letting the kids

be in charge and spoiled?

Peaceful, Conscious, or Intentional Parenting is parenting with intention, equality, and transparency so you and your children build and share a rich and loving connection. In peaceful parenting we recognize children as unique and marvelous human beings who are worthy of the same respect, compassion, and love we want as adults. Learning and practicing strategies to consistently self-regulate, to communicate compassionately, and to lead with love will lead to a more harmonious and joyful relationship and home.

We still set boundaries and limits surrounding safety and values in peaceful parenting. Boundaries in peaceful parenting are grounded in mutual respect, compassion, and ongoing communication.

I am a transgender parent.

Do you support all families?

Absolutely! We welcome and embrace all parents and caregivers. We celebrate ALL families because love is what builds families.

I am a foster parent or grandparent

raising children.

Will parent coaching help our family?

It is our belief that all caregivers will benefit from the support and guidance we can offer. We focus on parent centric behavior changes and strategies that allow caregivers to parent from calm, safety, and peace. Those attributes serve all types of families well.

I am still not convinced,

how do I know this is worth my time and/or financial investment?

Please schedule your free 20 minute discovery call to discuss your specific needs and concerns. There is no obligation and if you don't think we are a good fit right now we will try to recommend other services for your needs. If you don't feel ready for your discovery call just yet, but want to get more information please let me know here.

Where do you see parents?

We are not limited by geography. We can work together on Zoom or over the phone. Let's connect!

Happy Family at Home

How is Parent Coaching different from watching videos or reading books?

Many adults learn best through repetition, modeling, and practice. With a parent coach you will have a personal guide walking alongside you on your journey. Benefits of investing in a parent coach include: an accountability partner, consistent study and practice, and ongoing support as your learn about yourself, your parenting, and how to parent from your heart. We can read all the books, but struggle to take our brain knowledge and move it into our muscle memory so we use that knowledge consistently and well, a parent coach is often the link between theory and practice. Reading gives us information, coaching leads us to transformation.

All of those benefits are provided in a safe, judgment-free environment where you will receive empathy, compassion, and support to do the inner work necessary to change your patterns and behaviors so you can build a deeper connection and relationship with your children. Many people feel investing in the support of a parent coach was one of the best parenting decisions they have ever made.

My child is autistic and

their sibling has ADHD.

Are your courses neurodiverse affirming?

Yes! We believe that everyone should be able to live their authentic life. Our brains do not have to think the same way, each unique person is valid and valuable as they are.

We will not teach you to help your child mask. We will not tell you that some play is inappropriate. We will not tell you to discourage stimming. We will help you honor your child, their authentic self, their play and their interests.

We will always lead from a strengths based, family and child centered perspective with the goal of meeting families where they are right now and working towards where they want to go.

Happy Smiling Family Hugging

I am ready to transform my parenting. How do I register for parent coaching?

Yay! You are going to be so happy you invested in your parenting, your children, and your family with a parent coach. Please register here!

Will you come speak to my group?

Absolutely! Please complete our Speaking Engagement form and we will schedule a presentation!

Is this therapy?

Entering into a relationship with Planting Rainbows and/or accessing any information from Planting Rainbows is not mental healthcare, mental health therapy, speech-language therapy, or any other type of medical healthcare, therapy, or advice. Coaching, consultations, written, verbal, and any other type of communication provided by Planting Rainbows does not constitute healthcare of any kind, including speech-language therapy. Users and participants acknowledge no therapy will be provided at any time during the participant’s relationship with Planting Rainbows or any of its owners, employees, or contractors. If you feel you would benefit from professional mental health services, speech-language therapy, or other healthcare services please contact your local health department for a referral or fill out an interest form choose "other" and state you need help identifying services in your community. We will do our best to help you find your local resources. Planting Rainbows is not liable for any risks or harms associated with using or acting upon information from this site or any related content.

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Accredited Matrescence Facilitator and Coach by Mama Rising

Certificate in Parent Coaching from Jai Institute of Parenting

Certificate in ADHD Sleep Awareness from Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting

M.A. in Communication Disorders from California State University Los Angeles

B.S.Ed. in Speech and Language Disabilities from State University of NY at Fredonia

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